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Tanesha Burns LMHC
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    I work well with a variety of clients and create individualized treatment options to meet their goals. I have been in mental health for almost ten years and truly enjoys working in this field. I'm very passionate about helping others. No matter what your issues, you can resolve them and have a happier, more fulfilling life. Working with me, you will have a private, confidential and safe place to share your experiences, work them out, and begin feeling better about yourself and your situation.
Jacqueline Hernandez LMHC
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    As a licensed mental health counselor with experiencing dating back to June 2011, I enjoy working with a diverse group of people ranging from children to adults and helping them solve problems, achieve goals, and overcome life's hardships. Whether you are currently experiencing situational stressors or battling long-term problems, I am here to help. I offer an eclectic approach in order to ensure the most effective treatment plan is designed to meet your interests, goals, and strengths. With that being said, some of the modalities I utilize during the therapeutic process are: CBT, Mindfulness, Relaxation training, Play therapy and Pyschoeducation. I am also trained in EMDR.
Stephen Ryan LMHC
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    I enjoy helping families to improve relations, showing children and adolescence how to unlock potential and teaching couples how to rekindle the spark in their relationship. Licensed Psycho Therapist and Approved Qualified Supervisor with 16 years of clinical experience. My expertise includes trauma care EMDR Certified, Forensic Counseling and expert testimony. Contact us and experience the professionalism and personal care that you deserve today!

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