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Telemedicine for online counseling

Telemedicine (also referred to as “telehealth” or “e-health”) allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine allows patients in remote locations to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel. Telemedicine provides more efficient use of limited expert resources who can “see” patients in multiple locations wherever they are needed without leaving their facility. In developed and developing countries telemedicine offers a reduced cost solution to delivering remote care when and where it is needed without the building and staffing added facilities.

ASD services

Early intensive behavioral intervention involves a child’s entire family, working closely with a team of professionals. In some early intervention programs, therapists come into the home to deliver services. This can include parent training with the parent leading therapy sessions under the supervision of the therapist. Other programs deliver therapy in a specialized center, classroom or preschool. “Autism Speaks”

Child & Adolescent Services

Children, just like adults, experience stress. Common stressors for children include school and family issues. School stressors may include excessive or difficult homework, test anxiety, peer pressure, bullying, and learning difficulties. Family issues may include parental arguing, divorce, moving homes, new sibling, major illness, death, loss, and transitions .If your child suffers any of the aforementioned event please contact us.

Mental Health Counseling

MHCs work with individuals, couples, families, and groups to address and treat emotional and mental disorders and to promote mental health. Most mental health counselors in the U.S. work in outpatient and residential care centers, individual and family services, and local governments.

Family Counseling

Family counseling brings together members of a family to work through situation or relationship issues. Concerns may include changes in family relationships, conflict, health issues, addiction or other. Counselors will help the family recognize their patterns, build on the positive and develop alternatives, providing all family members a voice in the process.


Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (an M.D. or D.O.) who specializes in mental health, including substance use disorders.

Medication Management

Based on biological, psychological and social assessments, a diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is designed with the patient at the center. If it’s in the patient’s best interests, medications will be discussed and education will be provided on the actions, uses, and side effects of the suggested medication options. When the patient agrees on a medication and treatment option, the medication is prescribed for a trial period to observe the effectiveness. This is the “medication management,” aspect of psychiatric care. We monitor the effectiveness of medication over a course of time to determine if the treatment meets the patient’s goals. Due to how psychiatric medications react differently within a patient’s brain chemistry, the effectiveness of the medications may vary from person to person. Every individual is unique. Medications are often utilized at the same time as other forms of treatment such as counseling, life management skills, and/or behavioral therapies. Through careful monitoring and on-going discussion we find the right medication and treatment plan to improve the patient’s mental health.

School Based Counseling

Services for children in their school environment. Some children experience significant emotional or behavioral difficulties in the schoolSchoolbased services enable our clinicians, your child’s teachers, and other support staff to communicate directly and effectively coordinate care.

Court Ordered Programming such as;

Anger Management

A six week program of learning to recognize signs that you’re becoming angry, and taking action to calm down and deal with the situation in a productive way. … But for many people, taking an anger management class or seeing a mental health professional is the most effective approach.

Family Edu & Stabilization

A Parenting Course (or sometimes called Divorce Class) is required by the state of Florida for parents or the concerned parties to obtain a divorce when there are children involved. Parents may also take this course to learn about the impacts divorce can have on their family, as well as the best way to handle the difficult transition.

Forensic Specialties

forensic counselor works within the intersection between the legal and mental health systems to provide counseling treatment for criminal and civil offenders. As a forensic counselor, you will provide services such as substance abuse treatment and parole evaluation to individuals within the criminal justice system.

Educational Testing

A psychoeducational assessment is a set of tests, observations and history taking about a child, adolescent or, even an adult in college that helps us understand how they learn and process information.  Usually we are asked to complete a psychoeducational assessment when a school or teacher suspects a learning disability. For instance, a child or adolescent might have difficulty with one particular subject such as math or reading. Sometimes a child is performing below what would be expected for their grade level, and a teacher wants to know what might possibly be happening to prevent the child from learning like his or her peers. The psychoeducational assessment helps us understand the student’s current level of functioning, as well as their potential level of functioning. It also helps us understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses so we can develop a plan to help the child succeed in the classroom.

Why Use APS?

APS is an outpatient Community Mental Health Program whose goal is to help people cope with current and past stressors in order to minimize the impact on their daily lives. APS offers a variety of services for individuals and groups. We promote home based, school based, and/or community-based approach for individuals and families at an affordable rate.
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