Behavioral Weight Loss

Why See a Behavior Therapist about weight loss  

Our Behavior Therapists are experts in helping people make behavioral and lifestyle changes that assist with weight management. They may work with individuals and families independently in their private practice or as part of a health care team, often in a setting where mental health, fitness and nutrition are integrated.

People who seek help from Behavior Therapists range in age from children to adults. They include those who simply struggle with managing their weight as well as individuals whose weight problems are related to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease or other conditions like depression, anxiety or eating disorders.

Our Behavioral weight-loss program is effective in treating and preventing obesity and the onset of type 2 diabetes. The key components of such programs are diet and exercise modification through self-monitoring and other behavioral techniques.

Given the beneficial effects of behavioral weight-loss treatment on medical conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, researchers continue to search for innovative ways to improve treatment outcomes and weight-loss maintenance. Our behavioral weight-loss treatment program includes placing an emphasis on self-monitoring during high-risk times, providing meal plans and grocery lists, prescribing multiple short bouts of activity, encouraging “lifestyle” activity, and encouraging a higher level of exercise for long-term weight loss.

We also focus on weight-gain prevention. In addition, community interventions that manipulate the environment to help individuals eat healthful foods and exercise more have achieved some success and warrant further attention to address the widespread epidemic of obesity.

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